Hey there!


My name is Jason and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I would like to think I am both clever and brilliant, but most would just say I am egotistical. Either way I have been told I have a gift for words and I love writing so I decided to create a place to speak my mind as I stand rapt in awe and terror at the beauty of the world around me.


I am a perpetual student who believes that the only true path to knowledge is through rational discourse, as we all have something that we can teach each other. While I am positive of who I am and what I want I do not pretend to hold the answers for anyone else. I share my words for two reasons; one, because I have to, it the only way I know how to live, and two, because it is my sincere hope that you may find something in my words that causes pieces of the puzzle that is your life to fall into place and therefore aid you in your journey.


I believe in the unity of the multitude. For better or for worse we are all pieces of the same whole; thus, I detest anything that attempts to drive wedges between us. Working together is the only way to unlock our true potential and I believe that differences should be cherished and learned from, not attacked and belittled.


I am many things to many people, but only you can decide what I will be for you. Either way I hope you enjoy your stay and encourage you to add your voice to the conversation that is this blog.


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