Hey there folks!


I wanted to sit down and put my thoughts to screen again but after learning about the recent tragedy in Orlando that does not seem adequate. I really do not want to talk about the tragedy specifically because there are enough people doing that and I honestly have no words to describe or illuminate the situation any better than the multitude of voices that are already doing so.


The thought that keeps going through my head is what is the point? Life is a struggle, a fact that no rational person can really dispute. But why keep struggling in the face of a society that is so clearly broken. Hypocrisy, lies, hatred, and apathy batter the foundations of everything positive that has been built or accomplished. It is not that I expect that ignorance and hatred will disappear. As long as there is free will there will be frightened, ignorant and evil human beings doing awful things.


We all spend so much time running in circles in this life we have built around ourselves. Worried about phony relationships, material excess and empty idols while very real things are happening all around us and we do nothing about it. I know in my heart that the majority of people out there realize that these things are unacceptable but “WE” are all too scared to take any meaningful action. Please notice I used the word we meaning I understand I am as guilty of this lack of action as anyone else.  Also understand that we is really referring to American society. I understand that the rest of the world has its fair share of problems but that is not the topic of discussion currently.


We sit in the lap of luxury and proclaim fuck my life because our wifi signal acts up. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we tell the perpetrator to die screaming while flipping them off. Meanwhile, individuals lose their life on a consistent basis because the wanted to go to the club, or because they went to school that day.


For the next week or two we will all get on social media sending hollow prayers and empty gestures. Then of course we will all be distracted because some celebrity will have a private video released showing them covering their balls in peanut butter and letting a dog lick them clean.


Am I the only person that is just flat out disgusted with all of this? How many people have to die before we admit there is a problem and how many more after that before we do something about it? Also, why are none of our elected leaders doing anything about this? Most of them  don’t even speak about the river of blood that flows through our everyday lives.


Every time a new tragedy is plastered all over the news the same thoughts swirl through my head. What is the point? I do not even know what can be done at this point, but there is clearly a problem.


“Now, we must all fear evil men. But, there is another kind of evil which we must fear most … and that is the indifference of good men!”  – Boondock Saints


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