No Happy Endings

Hey there folks!

     Guess what I got an idea and decided to sit down and write about it. I know holy shit! I haven’t done this in forever.

     So, I was talking with a person very important to me the other day about watching a movie. You see, even though this person and I have relatively similar taste, at least well enough to agree on a majority of movies, we have a hell of a time finding something to watch.

     Now part of this is due to the fact that I am a relatively serious person. I prefer deep and intellectual though and this influences a lot of my choices in film. However, when I want to laugh I do not care for simple dick and fart jokes or slapstick comedy, but rather the ironically absurd. The most common criticism I receive form this person when I suggest a movie is that they do not want to think, they just want to escape for a moment.

     I definitely understand the sentiment and do not fault them for it. Hell, I have spent years of my life with table top role playing games and larping I definitely get the desire to escape. However, what I do not understand is the aversion to thinking. The way I see it my mind is always going so thinking is something I cannot stop myself from doing. As I inquired as to this persons reasoning they told me that they did not want to deal with anything dramatic because dramatic movies just remind them that life sucks.

     Well, I certainly couldn’t argue. Life does suck a lot of the time and that is portrayed in many films. This sent me down a thought spiral where I started examining the movies I enjoy and how they deal with portraying the human experience as it were. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I was especially drawn to films and stories that fully embrace the less pleasant sides of life. In short, I don’t like happy endings in most cases.

     This makes me think of a quote from one of my favorite movies V for Vendetta. Artists and politicians are both liars, the difference is that politicians lie to obscure the truth while artists lie to reveal it. Happy ending are certainly lies because at the end of the day we all die and that is never a happy occasion; however, most happy endings lie to make us feel better or to make us forget and I have no use for that kind of lie. The lie that I cherish in art is that of metaphor. Using an overly dramatized and unreal scenario to tell a truth that is relevant to our shared experience.

     You see, I do not want to forget that life sucks. I want to be reminded that even though happiness is a fleeting thing in this life, those fleeting moments are what makes the pain bearable. The point of life cannot possibly be in relation to the ending, we all know what that is we are just missing the how and when. So, if the ending is not what is important than there must be something about the journey and the best stories are the ones that reinforce the importance of the journey despite the on rushing inevitable ending.


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