Low Expectations

sad man

Hey there folks!

The muse has once again struck and I feel the need to go on a rant today, and I want to rant about a particular phrase that drives me crazy.

“I plan for the worst and hope for the best”

I forget right now where I most recently heard this little nugget. I think it was on the way home from work while listening to sports radio. Regardless, I like many others have heard this particular line more often than I can count. For the record I want to definitively state that this statement is a total crock of shit. I think the reason that it bothers me so much is that whenever I hear it spoken the speaker always delivers it as if it is some valuable nugget of truth that you have never heard before.

First off, preparing for the worst is planning to fail. In other words you are actively spending your time focused on failing. It is an entirely rational thought to realize that failure is possible, but in preparing for the worst you are paving the way for your failure whether you realize it or not.

Success is only possible if you believe you can succeed, and if you truly believe you can succeed then actively working against your own success is just plain stupid. I am trying to avoid trite clichés here but one thing all successful people have in common is a belief in their own ability to succeed. This is why ego and confidence are so important!

Trust me I have heard the arguments for this kind of thinking. “Well, if I set the bar low I can never be disappointed.” Wrong! If you set the bar low you are always miserable because your expectations are in the gutter. I have never met a happy person that always expects the worst, and I have known my fair share of people professing this wisdom.

The most aggravating part of all of this is the fact that I abhor self deception and that is exactly what this kind of thinking strikes me as. I have spoken before on my belief in recognizing things for what they are, but if you must lie to yourself why not tell an uplifting lie?

As aggravating as I find this method of thinking I am not trying to tell people how to be. But, lets just be honest about what this is, which is fear plain and simple. If you are so afraid of failure that you would rather hamstring yourself than take a chance that is your own business, just quit trying to tell me how smart you are for doing so.


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