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Hey there folks!


People often comment to me about the way I speak and how I carry myself in a conversation. You see, I have a love for language, not only for the meaning it conveys but also for the cadence and melody it contains. I also try to be very mindful of what I do, especially what I say. So many things can be conveyed through language if you understand the nuances of meaning and structure, and I strive to communicate in as rich and textured a way as possible partially to appease my own intellectual vanity but primarily because it makes me happy.


Some people seem to take offense to this and think I am trying to flaunt or act superior. I suppose on some level I can see validity in that argument, but the truth of the matter is that these thoughts never really enter my mind. Honestly, I really do not care if the way I carry myself makes you feel bad about yourself and I am not concerned with comparisons between you and I. I speak this way because this is who I am and I know no other way of speaking. More importantly I speak this way because I believe in the importance of communication, both direct and implied.


In fact, nothing bothers me more than watching someone use language as a blunt instrument to club people over the head with. Invoking powerful words for very simple expressions can have its place, but when it becomes commonplace in ones daily speech it is comparable to using a cleaver where once you used a scalpel.


I remember one of the first times I ever expressed this opinion was in my 11th grade  American literature class. As I remember we were discussing poetry, although I cannot recall the poet, and the use of the word love. Mind you, I understand love is a very powerful word and I am not going to even begin to get into the meaning of the word here. For the purposes of this discussion we can assume that love means something a little different to each person, but something ultimately very significant. Regardless, in the middle of the teachers lecture about the word and its use I raised my hand and interjected, “doesn’t using the word love too often cheapen the expression?”.


This may seem like a cold argument, but thinking in economic terms there is a direct correlation between scarcity and value. I have come to realize in my years that this idea is more complex than just supply and demand economics but the is some validity in this naïve expression of my youth.


The importance of how one speaks is not solely about the value of the expression, but also its clarity. Most deception, or at least the most effective, is not a direct verbalization of false hood but rather a muddying of the waters of understanding. If I use deliberately vague language I do not even have to construct the entire lie because those listening will do half of the work for me by processing my words through their own preconceived notions.


I very much believe in the importance of sincerity of expression and absolutely enjoy using the subtlety of language to enrich the quality of my communication. Which is to say, if I say something I mean it and the words chosen or not chosen are important to understanding my meaning. I prefer interaction that requires intellectual stimulation and I will not feel bad about this regardless of how it makes you feel. Despite what this may make me in your mind, the one thing I know for sure is this is part of what makes me the one and only Jason.


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