The Race Refutation


Hey there folks!

Today I want to talk about an issue that is dearly important to me. An issue which recent political events have really brought to the forefront as I have seen my social media get flooded with a myriad of opinions, fears and criticisms. Today I want to talk about the concept of race and by proxy racism.

Typically I have tried to avoid sensitive topics on this forum of mine, but to not discuss my thoughts and opinions here is not representative of who I am. Speaking of race is not an easy thing to do for a white male. I never have, nor will I ever really experience racism as anything other than a bystander or a racist. Also, everything I say must be viewed through the lens of white privilege and if you do nor know what white privilege is or do not believe it exists than do us all a favor and just stop reading now because this conversation is just not for you.

Despite all of this I have always had a very big problem with the idea of race as it pertains to humanity. The thought that Europeans, Africans, and/or Asians are somehow different or more than just human has never sat right with me. The primary reason for my thoughts on this are because of my father, and more specifically because he introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons. I know this may sound weird but here me out. In table top role playing games like D&D you create a character in a fantasy world and in many of these settings race is one of many options to choose for this character. You can be a dwarf or an elf, an orc or a lizardman. While these races share certain similarities they are different on a genetic level. Being introduced to this idea at a young age molded how I thought of race as I got older and was introduced to what it meant in the adult world. I became confused because at the end of the day everyone living on this planet is a human being, the color of our skin may be different, we may speak another language and even think of the world in radically different ways; however, we still all have the same physiological makeup.

Combine this with the fact that I was born during a time when the struggles of the civil rights era were beginning to bear fruit. I grew up watching A Different World and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Hip hop was top 40 music and thanks to a catchy jingle everyone wanted to be “like Mike”. This is all to say that I have always known an environment where I recognized that there were differences between different “races”, but they were always people, they were always human. Last I checked I was human too, so what the hell is all this race business about?

The point of all of this is to say that the idea of race is bullshit and nothing but a tool used to divide the common people. It is common in America today to talk about the 1%. The funny thing about this is there has always been a 1%, because this is really just a term for those in power. The truth is those in power have always been greatly outnumbered, and history has countless lessons proving that when the common, the weak, the 99% are united behind one purpose they can bring ruin to everything the elite have built. However, if the 99% can be turned against itself bickering over the color of their skin, or the god they choose to worship, or whom they choose to take to their bedroom then the elite have nothing to fear.

Race is bullshit, it is an ignorant idea from a foregone era that is used as nothing more than a diversionary tactic in the modern world to distract the masses from what is going on all around them. I am not trying to take this to illuminati or new world order kind of levels, but I do believe there is a relatively small group of people in power that have a vested interest in staying in power and the easiest way to do that is keep the common folk arguing with each other on facebook about stupid shit, like the color of their skin.


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