The Struggle is Real




Hey there folks!


I was talking to my beloved cousin, as we so often do, and she asked me at one point, “does everything in life have to be a fight”. I immediately answered with an emphatic yes. At the time I made a feeble attempt to explain entropy to make the point that life as we know it is a miracle and not the default position of any entity in the universe. My cousin did not look terribly satisfied with that answer, but she offered no rebuttal and let the matter drop.


Since that conversation I have come back to the topic on several occasions, particularly on nights like tonight while I sit in my apartment listening to music and reflecting on things. As I think on it I still believe in the argument I made that night but I do wonder if I perhaps view things in a more violent way because I am a male. I mean maybe fight is not the correct word because fight implies a  competition and competition implies that one can win. Maybe struggle is a better word because life is not something you can win, you will die no matter how great things may be right now.


We are all a very small part of a system of activity that has been in motion for longer than we can rationally conceive. We may try and put a number on how long the universe has existed but that number is most likely so large that it evades true comprehension. With this being said it should directly follow that change is constant; even eternal mountains get worn down to a pile of pebbles over a long enough period of time. Life is born, it blooms, it withers and it dies; this is as close to universal truth as one will ever get.


Personally I find comfort in the fact that change is a constant in the universe because that means that no matter where I am at this moment the opportunity always exists to put myself in a better position. In fact, to feel alive I need to be in a state of change that is as constant as the world around me. Every moment you are a new version of yourself, even if the only thing that changed is that you are a moment older you are still not who you were a moment ago. As long as you ride this constant wave of change you are alive. The moment you refuse to change you begin to die, because the universe does not care if you want to change.


The truth of the matter is the struggle is real, no matter what you do you are going to die. The only question worth asking is what are you going to do between now and then? This is why I always emphasize that happiness is a choice. You cannot avoid depression because shit is going to happen to you that you have no control over, you cannot avoid that. However, you always have the choice of how to react to what life throws your way. Will you rise above your circumstances and make the most of the gift you have been given, or are you going to sit and wallow in self pity?


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