Why Are You Blowing Me Up?


Hey there folks!

So it has been a few days since I posted anything. Actually it was the biggest break I have taken from writing in several months. A big part of this was because my style of writing is very conversational and I was really out of ideas. I felt like the last few posts were rather forced and that did not sit well with me. Also, I have been adapting to my new schedule as it has been awhile since my last job as I have previously stated so my body and mind are getting back into the groove of things.

In any event I am not gone for good. I will leave it up to you to decide if that is a bad or a good thing. For those that are interested the new job is going great. I do not want to go on about it too much today but I feel really fortunate to have landed the job I have now, I really cannot say enough good things about my life as it currently stands.

Today I found myself finishing off the last of my many corporate training videos. These particular videos were about business etiquette on the phone and phone based customer service, both of which are terribly relevant to my position as a software support agent. This got me thinking about how people interact with the telephone on a day to day basis. Communication technology has come a long way in my lifetime and the importance we place on instantaneous communication has grown dramatically as a result.

When I was a kid I remember all of my friends and peers would beg their parents for a second land line in their room, because their was nothing more demoralizing than trying to call a friend and having to talk to their parents, whom you may or may not know. However, the phone was primarily stationary so people did not seem to get so uptight about missed calls and such. It was still rude to not return a call if someone left a message for you, but living life was more important than being available for a call.

Now we all have a phone in our pockets more or less and most people I know do not even have a landline telephone at all. With the increased ability to communicate at all times people have gotten very uptight about less than prompt responses. At one point in time I even noticed myself getting caught up in all of this until rational thought came back to me. I remember one of my exes would get pissed at me if I did not answer her calls or texts immediately and chide me by saying, “what the hell is the point of having a phone if you are not going to answer it?”. I know others who get shit on a regular basis because of their habits of selectively responding to texts, or because the simply refuse to actually place a call unless it is urgent.

As I though about all of this during my incredibly boring training video I thought to myself, when did a phone suddenly become a contract? Just because I have a phone does not make me obligated to respond to you just because you want to talk to me. Maybe I think you are a shithead which is why I am not answering your call, or maybe I am just busy living my life. Either way I am under no obligation to anyone just because I have a phone in my pocket, you are not the center of the universe get over yourself.

To be fair though, I can cut young people some slack in regards to all of this because they have never known life any other way. However, when I find a 40 year old that freaks the hell out because someone did not answer their text message fast enough I kind of want to slap them. Some times you just want to take a moment for yourself, or god forbid anyone actually treat the people they are currently with, with some respect by paying attention to them. I understand that emergencies can and do happen but if life or death is on the line you should be calling 911 not me. Just saying…


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