Am I Dreaming?


Hey there folks!


I have been a bit sleep deprived these last few days as I am now two days into the new job. So far things are going great but the experience is still a bit surreal. I knew I wanted to right but my mind would not focus on anything in particular, at least not like it normally would. So I just sat down at the keyboard and let my fingers start dancing and this is what came out. Hope you enjoy.


Woke up today at peace and in the throws of a newly developed routine.

Did not feel overly exuberant, just good, content.

As I went through the day I took in my new surroundings,

And I could not help but feel like I was in the deep end of the pool.

Yet there was no concern as I knew I was perfectly safe.

Just a slight disorientation as I gathered my bearings.

Still not sure in which direction I should be swimming,

But this one seems as good as any.

I know I am moving in the direction of something,

Although its nature is by no means clear.

Over taken by a calm confidence.

How I got here I cannot remember,

And at this point I am not sure that even matters.

I feel the scars of pain and loss across my body.

With no memory of how they came to be.

Right now swimming is my only focus.

Consumed in total by this pure compulsion.

Not sure when my journey will be over.

I only know that I must keep going.


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