Get Over It


Hey there folks!


Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is the question that makes the title today. While I recognize that my life seems charmed when compared to some, I have had to deal with my share of pain and loss as I have spoken about to some degree on this blog. However, at some point in time when you have dealt with the emotional wreckage that is your life you have to try and put things back together.


For certain problems this is relatively simple, but there are some issues that never really go away. No matter how far you push it away or how good things have been all it takes is one small thing, a song, an off handed comment and everything comes flooding back. So in those instances how do you move beyond all of that when it can come up at a moments notice?


The truth as I have been able to put it together is that there is no simple answer. The reality of the situation always seems to be more complex than we ever understand. So in the simplest terms there is no way to really get over some things in life they will always haunt you no matter where you go. In fact, if I have ever learned anything it is that you cannot run away from your past or your feelings. The harder you fight these emotions the more they rage when the cap pops off the bottle.


Many things in this life are a battle and most of those battles cannot be won as they are persistent things that follow us through this life. Emotions often fall into this category because they make no sense and obey no rules. When you are struggling with your emotions your victory rests in the struggle. The only way to really lose is to give in and let your emotions override your better judgment.


So getting over something is perhaps better described as getting used to something. Resistance is a natural part of life and to be honest it is necessary. Nothing is guaranteed and if you want something you have to fight for it. Each once of wakes up each day and decides to go about living our life, whatever that means to our particular situation. Find the things in your life that give you reason to keep at the struggle. It does not really matter what your choice is nearly as much as you make a choice. Every one of us has our own journey and we must find our own answers to life’s questions.


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