Automation Apprehension


Hey there folks!


The last few days have been kind of heavy so I though I would try and lighten things up a bit today. While binge watching some tv the other day, I am starting to recognize that perhaps I do this far too often, I saw a number of car commercials that were talking about a plethora of new features designed to ease the driving experience through automation. This was not by any means the first time I had seen these commercials or some of these features, such as automatic brake sensors or parallel parking assistance.


The first thought that went through my head is what happens when these systems go awry? For example, if you have a system in your car that automatically applies the breaks when it detects something, what happens if the system starts random detecting things that are not there? That could lead to a very problematic ride that you as the driver are not in control of now, and that scares me. I will readily admit that I do not have the technical knowledge to know if that is even possible. Perhaps I have an over active imagination, or perhaps I watched Terminator one too many times as a child and now have an irrational fear of automated machines. Either way I am personally kind of unnerved about my car doing anything of which I am not directly in control.


I must also admit that I can see value in some of these things because I would agree with most people in so far as I believe that very few people actually know how to drive in the first damn place. Honestly if machines controlled a fair number of cars on the road I may eve find driving to be more enjoyable. I still would not want an automated system in control of my vehicle, but that is just a part of my personal control issues. However, I believe that this also encourages people to not learn how to drive effectively and to no take responsibility for themselves. Was driving really so damn hard that you need something to do it for you?


Am I in the minority in believing in the inherent value of doing things for yourself. Lord knows I have my lazy moments, but where do we draw the line? If I had the money to do so I would gladly pay someone to take care of my home for me, and I have said on more than one occasion I have said that I want a butler. So if I do not feel up to the rigors of driving then I would rather hire a driver. Once again this may be because I watch and read too much science fiction, but I would say that if I am paying them well then hiring a person is a better solution as it helps the economy far more than hiring a robot.


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