Check Yourself


Hey there folks!


Ok so the title today is a bit cheesy, what can I say I am a child of the nineties and have a proclivity for bad jokes. On a serious note I had to check myself today because I almost fell prey to senseless internet arguing. If there is anyone thing I really do not care for it is pointless drama, and the internet is a fertile breeding ground for such things.


You see this all started because I shared a meme on social media, and someone who saw the message decided they wanted to add in their opinion on the matter. In this particular event their opinion was more or less attempting to negate the premise of the original statement. Normally I am in support of open conversation, but at the moment I read the statement all of that vacated my mind. So I did the first thing that came to my recently vacated mind and shot back with a snarky remark. This is of course the worst thing to do on the internet as it only serves to fuel the fire.


I realized that I did not want continue going down the rabbit hole as it were. After all it was most likely not the intent of the comment to spark any kind of debate. Although the comment was clearly meant to instigate I knew the source, so I had a reasonable idea of the intent.


It made me realize some of the difficulties of communicating through the web. The anonymity provided by computers makes it far too easy to say things we would never have the nerve to say in face to face conversation. It turns out it is really easy to be brave when all you are looking at is a computer screen and for some reason the absence of the person we are speaking to causes us to forget the social etiquette we would normally observe while in their presence.


Internet based communication is not entirely bad either, because we are alone with just a computer it is also easier to truly be open and honest with how we feel about things. My blog here is a perfect example of this phenomenon, as I basically sit here and pour my soul out for anyone and everyone to see. However, this raw and open communication can also impede honest conversation. Slights and disagreements become exaggerated while in our own overly sensitive state.


As incredible as the internet is it is very important to really think about your interactions while on the web. Understand that it is an incredibly useful tool, nothing more or less. Allowing a conversation on the internet to work you up has never helped anyone anywhere at any time. So next time you start getting all worked up over some useless mess try and take a deep breath and just check yourself, because chances are it is not really worth it.


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