The Power of Will


Hey there folks!


For as long as I can recall I have realized that I seem to see things differently than most people. For example, when I was younger I played baseball and loved the game. Like most young boys playing a sport I dreamed of one day playing professionally and told everyone that is what I wanted to do. When I was met with the inevitable, well that is very difficult very few people ever make it into the major leagues my reply was simple. The only people bound by statistics are quitters. Successful people do not look at a 1 in 1000 shot as near certain failure, they see it as a challenge and an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Obviously many things changed for me and I decided not to pursue baseball; however, I still very much agree with my opinion in terms of letting statistics affect my disposition.


Although it may sound foolish tom some I absolutely believe in the power of the individual. Within every person exists the potential for so many amazing things if only we have the perseverance to see it through. What I believe separates us is not our potential for greatness but our willingness to actually put in the work and overcome the obstacles before us. So no I do not believe that everyone can be a rock star because I believe most of us do not have the drive to achieve that goal.


I remember one of the first times I realized that this belief of mine set me apart from others. I went to see the movie A Beautiful Mind with a friend. For those of you not familiar this is the story of John Nash a man who won a Nobel prize in economics and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The story while fictionalized in part for the movie documents Nash’s efforts to overcome his condition and is a powerful story of the power of individual will. When my friend and I left the movie we stood outside and talked about it as was customary between us, and the first thing out of my friends mouth was, “wow”. “I know right” I said, that was a great movie. Then my friend looked right at me and said, “I wonder if I have any kind of mental issue because I see patterns sometimes like he did in the movie”, I was floored. After watching that story of someone overcoming incredible hurdles my friends first thought was maybe I have issues. Meanwhile, I had walked out of the movie feeling empowered. If that man could achieve his goals under those circumstances who was I to feel sorry for myself. Nothing in my life was so daunting, I just needed to get to work.


The point is when I look at people doing amazing things it does not make me think about how small I am; rather, it makes me think that I can accomplish so much more than I ever thought. I honestly believe that I am capable of achieving anything I truly put myself towards, I am talking about 100% commitment and I do not think I am special in that regard. I think anyone is capable of the same thing. In my mind the question is not can I, but will I.


Yesterday I talked about God and I said that I believe the idea that we are made in God’s image is a metaphorical truth. My belief in the power of will is the direct result of that metaphor. We are agents of change in the world around us and we have the ability to shape the world into what we want it to be. Even through the efforts of one person things can be done to change the world for everyone, so how are you going to choose to use the gifts you have been given?


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