What is God?

cloud god

Hey there folks!


For the entire time I have had this blog I have been nervous about talking about certain subjects, chief amongst them is religion. I have been worried that I may offend or just plain bore people with my views and thought it best to avoid shaking up the hornets nest. However, to continue to do this is dishonest of me and betrays the purpose of why I write here. I created this blog to give myself a place to not only use but find and develop my voice and the truth of the matter is I am a spiritual person. I spend a lot of time thinking about controversial topics and matters I deem important and there is no good reason to not discuss those things here. So if this offends you or my choice of topic bores you than by all means do not read. While it is not my intent to offend I will not apologize for my beliefs and I will not be offended if this simply does not interest you because I realize that my words are not for everyone.


Now that I have that out of the way I want to take a minute to set some reasonable expectations. My choice to start talking about topics that I have previously avoided is not meant to signify a change or shift in my blog. My beliefs are rather robust and I will no try to condense them into one post but at the same time I am not going to flood the blog with conversations on religion or God for the next month in a row either. I will continue to talk about whatever comes to mind, which means that some days I may discuss politics, others religion, and some days I will tell bizarre and off color stories from my life. What I choose to write about is more about my current mood and head space than it is about catering to an audience or specific subject matter.


So for my first foray into religion I thought it appropriate to discuss the nature of the divine or for lack of a better term, God. However, I feel it important to share one particular point before really diving into this, and that is I am not Christian. While my beliefs were developed within a Judeo-Christian context they have been influenced by a lifetime of research and study into religious thought of many varied traditions. There is no one tradition I will use to describe my beliefs, rather I simply say that they are mine and try to give credit to the sources that led me to particular conclusions. As I have said in the past I think we are all part of the same whole and that everyone has a part of the truth to share so I endeavor to give all sides their due.


One of the most significant aspects of my belief in the divine is that I do not believe in an anthropomorphic deity. While I understand that several religions believe that God created humanity it its image, I believe that to be a metaphorical truth not a literal one. You may have also noticed that I do not attribute gender to God. Gender, or more appropriately sex, is necessary within creatures for the purpose of reproduction. I do not believe that God is such a thing; therefore God is neither male nor female, God is simply God. Basically, God is not a being like anything we know or understand and while it might make it easier to talk about God in terms we do understand, I think it is misleading to do so.


When I was a child the first thing I remember learning about God was from my father, and he taught me that God possessed 3 primary attributes. God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. This idea informs my thoughts on the nature of God to this very day, because in its simplest form I believe that God is everything. Mind you I said everything and I mean everything. God is as much a mother drowning her child in a river as it is someone donating an organ to a stranger to save their life. Good, bad and everything in-between; this all exists within the totality of God. God simply is, there is no need to assign characteristics to God because they can all be used to describe God simultaneously.


That is probably enough for today. My entire goal was only to layout what I mean when I talk about God so as to inform future discussions that I am sure I will have. If any of you want to discuss these things with me I encourage it. I never stop learning and love honest and considerate discourse. I understand that not everyone or maybe not anyone will agree with my ideas and that is fine, the only thing I will not tolerate is open attacks and harassment directed at people for their beliefs.


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