Brunch Adventure


Hey there folks!


Shortly after I moved back here to Ohio I invited my cousin out to breakfast with me, because I always prefer eating with company. She had mentioned to me that she loved going out for breakfast more than any other meal of the day so it seemed like a good fit.


Well here lately we have been making a thing of going out to brunch on Sundays. It was never really planned as much as it seemed to just happen, but I enjoy it never the less. So the other week she wanted to take me to a favorite breakfast place of hers, only to find out when we got there that the restaurant had changed locations and the sign said to check the facebook page for more details. That particular day we went to a little hole in the wall diner that neither of us had heard of before and had a largely unremarkable experience.


However, this week I was once again thinking about breakfast food and decided to look up the facebook page of the establishment we had tried to go to previously. As it turns out the facebook page said that they were currently open and gave me the new address so I texted my cousin and told her to get ready to go.


After driving up and down the street looking for this restaurant we finally found the address listed and it was by all observations an abandoned building. Not only did it appear that no one gave a shit about this building but there was also no signage to indicate anything was there or would be coming soon. Disappointed we went to a chain place and had a nice enough brunch, but this reminded me of the difficulties of trying to support local business.


Normally I love to try and support local business and have had many positive experiences doing so. Often times I do not even mind paying a little bit more just to avoid major chain stores. At times this drive to seek out small business provides examples of why not all business succeeds. Some times bad decisions are made or people are lazy and I begrudgingly have to turn around go seek out a chain to get whatever product or service I was looking for.


In the case of this breakfast spot I do not want to be overly critical. Maybe it was a simple typo on the facebook page that led me to the wrong street address. Either way it made me stop and really take notice of a part of town that I do not spend very much time in otherwise.


After all I suppose a life well lived is more about the journey than the destination and I know I would rather do mundane things with great people than vice versa. We spend so much time caught up in the rat race that is life sometimes it is just nice to wake up on a beautiful morning call someone you love and go on a little brunch adventure.


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