Freedom to Hate

gay pride

Hey there folks!


Today I need to take a moment and break from my usual mold and rant for a bit. Generally I try to keep things positive or at the very least therapeutic but today I just need to bitch. So I apologize if the following language offends anyone but I just got to say this stuff.


Fuck Indiana! Ok maybe that is a bit too broad I am sure there are good people in Indiana but at the very least fuck their state legislature and fuck their governor for putting bigotry and hatred back into the law. I realize that hatred and bigotry have never been far removed from our legal system, but hasn’t a significant portion of the last fifty years or so been about creating social reform so as to encourage equality.


Even more infuriating is the entire religious freedom angle. How is selling a gay man or woman a loaf of bread infringing on your religious beliefs? If you can just deny services to homosexuals because they are an affront to God does that mean that we can deny services to adulterers? Last I checked coveting thy neighbors wife was sin. Hell homosexuality was not even deemed important enough to be included amongst the ten commandments, despite the fact that it was prolific in Mediterranean society in ancient times, but adultery made it on God’s top ten list.


It is so difficult to write this piece because as infuriated as I am that this is a thing I am also saddened and confused. If you do not agree with homosexuality that is your right and I certainly do not want to take that away from you, but what do you hope to achieve by punishing homosexuals? Do you think it is contagious or something? Show me examples in the Bible or from history where God has rewarded people for lashing out in fear and anger.


Last I checked compassion and forgiveness were supposed to be critical components of Christianity. Actually they are pretty critical components to nearly all major religions. If your religious beliefs run so deep that it offends you to be in the presence of people you see as sinners then perhaps a career in the public sphere of a free society is not in your best interest.


Bear in mind, this is not an attempt on my part to attack or defame Christianity or any other religion for that matter. I am a deeply spiritual man and have the utmost respect for all faiths. This is a tirade against hatred and those who choose to act in such base emotions. The thought that enough bigots are still in positions of influence to create state laws like the one recently enacted in Indiana is appalling and terrifying. Even though I have never had any reason to go to Indiana up to this point in my life, while this law is on the books I will have nothing to do with Indiana in any way that is in my control. I cannot change the world and it is not my place to tell anyone how to act, but I cannot in good conscience support the actions of bigots and hate mongers.


We must always fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men.


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2 thoughts on “Freedom to Hate

  1. There are very few things that really steam me up… using religion to condone hatred is one of them. You cannot pick and choose the words you want to follow in the Bible to make it work for you. I remember watching 60 Minutes where the man justified shooting a homosexual because he was a homosexual. He used the Bible as his reasoning and excuse. Just like your example of adultery… What happened to “Thou shalt not murder?!?”


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