What is Freedom?


Hey there folks!

Was feeling a bit poetic again this morning and this jumped out of head, hope you enjoy it.



I was always told that America is the land of the free

But when I look around me all that I see

Are people running and working, so bogged down in debt

That they never even have the time to regret

All the missed dance recitals and baseball games

They don’t even have the time to stop and learn their neighbors names

And what for the mortgage, the car, or maybe a vacation

Somehow forgot that life is not a chore but rather a celebration

Is freedom a possession or is it something we have to find

Then again maybe it is just another state of mind

A moment when the heavens coalesce and the stars align

When you realize this life is a gift and it is your time to shine

Follow your heart and takes its path

And don’t take time to stop and do the math

Forget about the destination, life is about the journey

Do not take into that long goodnight demurely

Freedom is a choice, or so they say

Not to be made once or twice, but every single day


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