The Highs and the Lows


Hey there folks!


To be perfectly honest I spend a lot of time thinking about happiness. What is it? How do we hang on to it? I have written about it at least a few times here on this blog. Typically I am talking about my belief that happiness is a choice, but today I want to discuss the nature of happiness, at least as I have come to understand it.


All of my experience has taught me that happiness, much like sadness, is a fleeting thing. Part of the value in the feeling is based on the fact that it lasts only a moment. Think about it this way, if you were always happy what would happiness mean? It would just be like every other day and every other moment. A high can only be truly known in contrast to a low. Therefore, it is necessary to have sad days and average days in order to full appreciate happy days.


When you really think about it all of this very easily makes sense, yet we so often get worked up when happiness doesn’t come quickly enough or last long enough. That line of thinking has always struck me as rather childish. Sometimes to get something you want you have to out in some work and there is not always a way of knowing just how much work is required. Also, spend enough time on this Earth and you will earn that sometimes life will hit you with a sucker punch. So getting upset when one of these inevitable things happens makes as much sense as getting angry at the rising sun.


I understand that sometimes we get caught up in the moment of things and emotions override our better judgment, but making the attempt to step back and examine things is often worth the effort. More often than not a little perspective goes a long way to our overall well being.


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