The Spirit of Cooperation


Hey there folks!


Most people that know me would say I am a rather serious individual, and I cannot really fault them for that as I do make an effort to come across as confident and in control. I also have very little patience for absent minded frivolity, because everything I do is thoughtful and purposeful, even when I am acting entirely absurd. Given my general disposition I have always gravitated towards serious topics and issues such as religion and philosophy. I have a deep desire to understand the universe and everything in it, within some degree of reason, so I have spent a significant amount of my life reading the kinds of books that put other people to sleep.


For whatever reasons I have been avoiding talking about religion on this blog, but to continue to do so is disingenuine on my part. These kind of things are commonly on my mind, so if this blog is going to be a place for me to air out my mental closet as it were than I need to put it all out there.


Since I first turned my mind towards God, I have always been confounded by the number of different paths there are to the divine. From a practical standpoint I understand how this came to be, but I cannot reconcile how all of the paths to God continue to exist independent of each other.


I mean whatever God made us, made all of us, right? There is not one God who made Kenyans and another who made Chinese and so on. I do not mean to disregard those who do not buy into a monotheistic view. I only mean to say that there is but one source of creation from which we all spring.


Maybe I am going out on a limb here, but I am assuming that we are all human and part of the same whole. I am also assuming that because we are human that we all make mistakes. I know these are dangerous assumptions but I am willing to take the risk.


So then is it not possible that God told everyone the same story and because as humans we are prone to make mistakes and view things through the lense of our own experience we each interpreted the story differently.


If that is the case is there not something to be gained by coming together and sharing our stories? I am not advocating a homogeny of thought to impose one system of though on all of us, because I think each of the religious traditions is beautiful in its own way. However, I do believe that more needs to be done to bring people together in a spirit of cooperation. If we value human life and the individual then we must acknowledge that everyone has something to contribute and we will get so much more done working together than we will at odds with one another.


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