Hey Man What’s That Sound?

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Hey there folks!


Today I want to talk about music a little bit. At first I was kind of worried because I think my point of view concerning this will date me just a bit, but really who cares.


I was watching a show and one of the characters was a major vinyl collector and looking for the best way to listen to his music. Of course this led him down a path of buying retro equipment, while bemoaning the effects of the digital age. I am not really a retro guy and I am both too young and not hipster enough to give a damn about vinyl. However, this did make think about all of the experiences I have had listening to albums.


It seems that the music album is a dying thing, like it is on the endangered list. Bear in mind when I talk about the album I mean more than just a collection of tracks, but rather a musical experience, story like in nature. The kind of thing you have to sit down and listen to from tip to tail to get the full experience. It saddens me to think that this is a dying art form because if a song can capture a moment, a well constructed album takes you on a journey like nothing else can.


I am sure that there are still a few musicians out there keeping the album alive, but society’s desires for single serving everything has changed the way everyone consumes music. I understand that back when the only way music was put out was through an album,or a single meant to tease an album, that not everyone really made the best use of the medium. This meant that a lot of the time you had to skip past half a dozen crappy songs to find the one you actually liked. So in that sense being able to go on iTunes and buy just that song is a great thing.


So now you download your favorite tracks to whatever device you are using to listen to the music so that you can put your ear buds in and listen while watching Netflix on the TV, keeping up with your twitter feed on the phone, and stalking your new crush on Facebook.


I realize at this point that I sound like an old man complaining about “kids these days”, but there is something beautiful about sitting and listening to a well constructed album, I mean really giving the album its space and focusing only on the music. As I write this I wonder if there were an artist who made an amazing album, would there be an audience anymore who could or would even be willing to appreciate their efforts?


I don’t know, maybe I am getting old, maybe I am just weird. I just think that not enough people truly value experiences and I have so many fond memories of sitting back with friends and listening to great albums. As I look back on those moments I understand now how important some of them were to making me the person I am today.


One thought on “Hey Man What’s That Sound?

  1. I for one, when I purchase a new album (yes, I BUY them, internetz, and yes sometimes I buy vinyl (with a digital copy package of course)) put it on, hit play and toggle the “repeat” option. If it’s good, I can go weeks listening to the same album without one beat from another song, let alone another album. I do think that genre matters, too, and that the more mainstream something is, the less likely you are to have that album experience you’re talk about because mainstream really is about the next big hit single to pull in the money and move on, and no album is going to be the big hit because that would be longer than the standard, what? 2 1/2 minute song?

    My thoughts, such as they are…

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