Dichotomous Warfare


Hey there folks!


Now I am a man that knows what I like, and when I find something that I like I am not afraid to enthusiastically support my choice. However, I recognize that there is a line between enjoying a person, place, or thing and acting like a rabid animal over the same item. I have become sensitive to this distinction because I have encountered a number of things that genuinely disturb me based on how the people who enjoy them act. The two that I really want to discuss today are spicy food and apple products.


I will start out by saying that I am not a fan of spicy food. This decision is not entirely the result of me not enjoying my food to have a kick as much as it is born from a concern I have developed based on people I know that do enjoy spicy food. In my experiences there is no middle ground when it comes to spicy food. If you enjoy it then everything has to spicy, and you will continually push the limit of just how spicy your food is.


This behavior seems very common among people I have met that enjoy spicy food, and I cannot help but wonder why. It almost seems that spicy food alters your brain chemistry. Personally I refuse to give over a part of who I am to a flavor of food. Perhaps I am paranoid but it just does not seem worth it to me.


Apple products are in the same category, but I can understand this situation a little bit more. With the developments of technology it is important to have all of your equipment able to communicate in order to get the most from the experience. The one thing that makes this even more for me is the experience of being in an apple store. The whole situation is just weird to me and I try to not be judgmental, but the cult of mac, as I like to call it just creeps me the hell out.


The big thing that gets me about both of these things is that it seems to be a one way street. Once you enter into that world it slowly takes control and never lets go.


On a serious note though it is perfectly ok to enjoy something and even to become an advocate of whatever the thing may be. However, when your passion turns into rabid obsession there is a problem. Particularly when you use this passion to start polarizing the world around. Granted there may be two kinds of people in this world; those who like spicy food and those who don not, but these two groups of people do not need to be at war with one another. There is room for all of us at the table.


One thought on “Dichotomous Warfare

  1. You could really write this article about any number of items. It all comes down to the people who feel a need to be “EXTREME!!!” (many spicy folks) and those who feel a need to be part of the “Cool Kids Club” (cult of mac <- love it haha) Replace spicy food with wine, or bacon, or "super foods" (whatever that really means).

    As for electronics, you could chose Xbox, Playstation, PC. Comics is DC or Marvel (yes I know Valiant and Dark Horse and Image exist, but until they put out an epic movie, only the comic world will know about them). People (and I'm pretty sure you've mentioned this before) are social animals and social animals have their cliques, their clubs, their elites, their members only groupings. Oh, and people don't like to be wrong, so rather than legitimately or logically debate a point in favor of their chosen group, it's always been easier to be overly enthusiastic about something (looking at you, crossfit cult) than dig into details and soundness of anything.

    Oh, and religion . . . but I'm not touching that. Not right now, anyway lol.

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