A Song of March

snowy flowersHey there folks!

So, I was staring out the window near my desk as I was pondering what to write about today and noticed a sight I have not seen in some months, grass peaking through the blanket of snow. The resulting product is the sonnet that follows. This poem is kind of a departure for me, particularly in terms of subject matter, and I would love feedback from any who care to take the time.


Covered in a blanket of wintry white,

We grow restless in our frozen slumber.

The comfort you give is beyond requite.

Recuperate the most stubborn sleeper.


But the time has come, we must bid adieu.

The warmth of life renewed begins to thaw,

The icebound expanse of the sun’s purview.

Winter’s frigid grasp compelled to withdraw.

Salty tears of winter must now provide,

Moisture for seeds of life within the earth.

Changing of the seasons is sanctified,

Through cleansing powers of nature’s rebirth.


Of icy dreams I can no longer sing,

As melting ice becomes flowers of spring.


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