Knock, Knock!


Hey there folks!


This one is coming out kind of late today because honestly I have been blank on ideas for the post. I try to make sure that my posts are focused and cogent, and some days I have to work to find my inspiration.


Today inspiration struck as it does so often, when I was watching TV. I saw a commercial for a telecommunications company that had sent some door to door sales folks to pay me a visit not too long ago. Now you may be saying to yourself, well Jason what the hell is so inspiring about sales people? Well, nothing really but it did make me think about how out dated the door to door sales person seems to be.


I am sure that at some point in time the door to door sales person was able to provide some kind of convenience, or at the very least made some kind of sense from a business stand point. However, I can not imagine that they were ever a welcome sight. My home is my space and the last thing I want to contend with is some pushy asshole trying to get me to buy I product I was not even thinking about prior to them showing up on my door step. Don’t get me wrong I do not have anything against sales people, but I have never met a successful sales person that wasn’t a pushy asshole, at least when they needed to be as it is just part of the job.


In the modern age this job seems irrelevant because I can go online and purchase pretty much anything I could ever want and have it delivered to my house. Honestly it is far easier to deal with annoying pop up ads than pushy sales people. I also cannot imagine that door to door sales possibly constitute a significant number in comparison to store front and internet traffic. I do understand that most door to door sale positions operate solely on commission so it is not a hit on payroll, but it certainly is on public image.


It has been my experience that the more individuals I have to interact with within a given company the more likely I am to not like that company. Perhaps this is influenced by my general disdain for people, but I know I am not the only one that does not like sales people. So if you ensure that your customer base no longer has to deal with your sales team at times not of their choosing your public image is bound to increase. For example, the company that sent those poor souls to me the other day is never going to get my business.


Maybe I am just becoming an ornery old cuss, but step into the 21st century businesses. I am willing to bet that the fortunes that are to be made in the coming decades will not be done so by clinging to the edifice of an inefficient past.


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