The Youthful Heart


Hey there folks!

I really enjoyed composing the sonnet I did the other day so I decided to work on another one. My goal was to go for something a little more light-hearted than my recent poetry. I hope you enjoy.


Although some insist I am insane.

Nothing could be further removed from truth.

From the misery of age I abstain.

I just prefer the simple joys of youth.


The days were filled with energy unbound.

The nights were dark and cloaked in mystery.

While the whimsy of a child may confound,

They act with the finesse of verity.

The burden of age can cloud our vision,

And rob us of our youthful innocence.

Buried beneath all our obligations,

Rest frivolous joys of adolescence.


If a youthful spirit resides in you,

Then won’t you join me on this rendezvous?


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