The Heart’s Arrest

aloneHey there folks!

Today I am feeling a little poetic and old school so I decided to write a sonnet, something I haven’t tried since high school when I studied Shakespeare. So in the form perfected by the Bard of Avon please accept my humble submission.


This is not going to be a love song,

Even though my heart swells with emotions.

The words I compose always come out wrong,

Betrayed and maligned by selfish passions.


Every single moment solitary,

While locked inside a cage of my design.

Every single moment arbitrary,

Malicious perceptions in fact benign.

The weight of this silence, too much to bear

I feel the pressure building in my chest.

The emptiness dissolves the thought to care,

The steady beating of my heart arrests.


A life halted, forever lost; wherein,

The quest to love oneself could not begin.


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