Big Brother


Hey there folks!


I have been sitting around trying to figure out how I wanted to attack what was on my mind today. The topic that has been bouncing around my head is government. This of course is all prompted by the recent ruling on net neutrality by the FCC. The arguments admonishing this decision as unnecessary government oversight have had me thinking a lot about the role of government.


Bear in mind I am not going to discuss net neutrality here other than to say in my limited research on the topic I am in favor of a free and unrestricted internet and at this time I believe that this decision was made with that objective in mind. I believe that legislating the internet is one of the most important political discussions of this generation and it will be an evolving discussion for decades to come.


I already know that those reading this that are sensitive to big government have their ears buzzing because I mentioned legislating the internet. I just feel that with the growth of the internet in the last few decades and its ever expanding role in our lives, it is naïve to think that it will not be the target of various kinds of legislation by governments across the globe.


I understand the suspicion and fear of a government whose reach is too great, but a small government is not a guarantee that individual freedoms are protected. Like many things in American politics this argument does nothing but polarize people and make it harder to accomplish anything.


The truth as I see it is that the seats of power are never left vacant for long. So if you work from the premise that someone will be in charge, is it not better to have the entity calling the shots be able to be held accountable for their actions. I am not arguing that I feel the American government is a great example of this, but I believe the framework is there and the biggest thing that stops this from coming to be is the polarization of the electorate.


I believe that the point of the government is to exist between the haves and the have nots. With one hand the government should protect those that have from the redistribution of wealth by those that do not have. With the other hand the government should protect those that do not have from the abuse of those that do.


I am starting to feel like I am rambling a bit and I know this is a complicated topic that the 500 or so words I write cannot do true justice to. It just seems to me that part of becoming an adult is learning to think of more than just yourself. In the modern world we are increasingly interconnected to one another. The days of the independent citizen farmer are long gone. An educated and active electorate is the best way to ensure that the government is kept in check and the peoples freedoms are kept intact. Bickering from our polarized pulpits is the biggest threat to both of those goals.


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