Home Sweet Home


Hey there folks!


So I am sitting here looking out my window and watching the snow come down, a sight that was not very common in North Carolina. In the last two months of winter here in Northeast Ohio I have seen more snow than in the previous 20 in NC. As I sit here staring at the snow in my zen like trance I am reminded of just about every person I have encountered since moving back here. It seems that the decision to come from North Carolina to Ohio confounds most people as the first thing out of anyone’s mouth is typically, “why the hell did you move here?”.


Honestly, I enjoy cold weather. I have fond memories of camping trips interrupted by a snow storm, or renting a cabin in the winter where you opened up the refrigerator to warm up. I also enjoy winter activities like sledding, skiing, or just taking a nature hike after a fresh blanket of snow has fallen, and what makes these activities even better is going inside to warm up after words. Drying off, bundling up, curling up with a hot beverage, and just feeling the warmth trickle back into your bones. To top it all off when it is too damn cold to go outside I have found I just enjoy hibernating while looking at the frozen world outside from my window. I suppose I have a natural predisposition to the cold weather, which I correlate with my strong Germanic ancestry and for whatever reason I enjoy experiencing all four seasons.


I completely understand that not all people will see things they way I do. Hell, in my experience very few people ever seem to see things the way I do. However, what really confounds me is why so many people stay in a situation that they really do not want or enjoy. Instead of asking me why I would move back to this place that you think is terrible maybe you should ask yourself why you stay in a place you think is so terrible. I have no illusions that I moved back to Shangri-La or something, but despite the flaws of the area I determined there was more reasons to be here than to not be here.


As I have gotten older I have come to realize that it is foolhardy for me to judge people for not thinking and acting like I do. What makes sense to me may not make any sense to another person and I get that, but I can not understand why anyone would choose to stay in a situation that makes them miserable. Mind you, I know many of the reasons people will offer for why they stay in miserable conditions, but most of that seems like bullshit to me. I understand that change is not easy, but personally I would rather struggle for a chance at happiness than drift along in a sea of misery.


Do you have the courage to start making the life that you want instead of accepting the life that you are given?


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