Round Peg in a Square Hole


“What is wrong”,

you ask me as if there is something I can say

that will encapsulate the pain inside,

but not entrap you in a conversation.

Is your concern about my state of mind,

or am I not reflecting the vision of your imagination?

Sometimes I forget the difference

between the mask I wear

and the face I hide,

so please accept my humble apology.

The truth is,

I have felt a little off

for longer than I can remember.

No matter what I do,

or think,

or say,

feels like I’m always slightly left of center.

Sometimes confusion simply rules my mind,

and I forget who I’m supposed to be.

Did I laugh to little,

did I smile just right,

or did I hold your gaze too long?

I assure you I am not here to fight,

I hold no urge to argue,

my only wish is to belong.

But I am a round peg

and that is a square hole

the two conjoined are not meant to be.

Been searching for home for so very long,

I feel no closer than when I began.


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