Breathe and Count to Ten

crystal-ballHey there folks!

I took a day off and spent some much needed time with family. Today’s writing prompt was to write about being alive. It took me a little while figure out exactly how to address the topic. When I thought about this I realized that I truly enjoyed writing the poem for the last topic so I decided to take that form again. Let me know what you think.



Breath in

Feel the air rush in through your nostrils and slowly fill your lungs



Breath out

Release, feel the tension leave the body in the rush of air from your mouth



Breath in

Close your eyes, forget the world around you and still your mind



Breath out

Open your eyes and look at your surroundings like you are doing so for the first time



Breath in

Hear the roar of your breath as it passes in and out of your body



Breath out

Calm your breathing, fall in line and listen to the slow and steady rhythm of your heart



Breath In

Take in the aroma of the room around you, the coffee next to you, the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen



Breath out

Allow that last sip to linger in your mouth and enjoy the flavors of breakfast with every single bite



Breath in

Reach out with all of your senses, letting yourself be right here, right now



Breath out

Take one step forward and fall face first into the future


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