Halls of Memory


Hello there folks!

Well today I am going to do something slightly different. You see the writing prompt in my workshop was to create a poem with no concern for editing. Now it has been a long time since I last tried to write a poem, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years or so. As I was thinking over the assignment I was also watching the episode of Frasier where Niles goes to the hospital and this is what popped out. I hope you enjoy.


Halls of Memory


Hallowed halls of memories

both tragic and sublime.

They host the most

significant moments of our lives and

mark the pass of time.

Here we begin life’s great journey

and are introduced

to the world.

And here

our journey also ends

as we shed our mortal coil.

I cannot walk your halls

without being assaulted

by the joys

and pains of my life.

How many new children

have you brought us?

How many

will not make it

through the night?

In this case

I think it is best

that walls cannot speak, but

what stories you could tell.

To watch the dance

of life and death

play out from day to day.

Yet still you stand and

take us in when

we are most in need.

I never knew

I could love and hate something

at the same time.

Until I stood

in these hallowed halls of memories

both tragic and sublime.


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