Stream of Consciousness


Hey there folks!


Once again I am going to stray from the writing prompt today, at least in so far as I am not going to share the writing I did for this prompt. Today I sat down and wrote for 15 minutes in a stream of conscious style with no regard to editing just putting words to paper as they came into my mind. I do not really think the result of that was anything worth sharing in this format but I do want to talk about the prompt.


You see I have always been someone who works best within some kind of structure, I seem to have trouble in more freeform environments. So naturally this particular prompt tripped me up just a little bit. I have tried to write in this style before, but never to much success. I always get self conscious about the writing and have a real problem with the whole no editing thing.


By my very nature I am a calculating and purposeful person so doing much of anything off of the cuff is not easy for me. The history student in me is always worried about the how and why of things, so I am prone to get caught up analyzing things, perhaps to a fault.


Now none of this is to say that I do not know how to draw outside of the lines so to speak. However, if I understand why things are done in the way they are then I can understand how to best break the rules while maintaining the spirit in which they were written.


However, even as I sit and think over this now I understand how this example does not relate well to writing or any other form of art. When you are looking at a blank space, whether that be canvas or a computer screen, there are no rules when it comes to how to express yourself. Often times when one experiences what they call writers block it is because they get hung up on ideas and form. So in those cases learning to take the ideas in your head and put them down without a filter can be very useful. When you are looking at what is coming out too critically it can stop you from creating new material.


So as with most things I find that the answer for myself is somewhere in the middle of the two. I am trying to get in the habit of just sitting down and throwing the ideas in my head out on to the screen and then walking away from it for a moment. Then I come back to it later and try to find the useful material and edit what I want to keep. What are your thoughts on the issue? As always I would love to discuss.


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. Hello, I would like to share my thoughts on your post 🙂 I find that writing in free flow is good because you’re less inhibited but I believe that we all must know which direction the writing is headed towards. For me, I get the end in mind first before writing so that I know even if I deviate slightly due to the freestyle writing, I’ll have to think of something to link it back to the ending, or at least modify it slightly. It allows you to try your hand at creating stuff on the go but also having your goal in mind.


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