Drink the Kool-Aid


Hey there folks!


I am a bit late in getting to writing today, although I suppose I am the only one that really notices such things. I have been procrastinating because the prompt for my writing workshop was something that did not really pique my interest. Today I was to go sit in a public place and describe the first ten people I saw as if I was introducing them as characters in a novel.


While I sat and pondered over this particular prompt I was reminded of a conversation that I have had with my cousin recently, and my brother more times than I can count. The conversation had to do with following direction, or as I lovingly phrased it in the title drinking the Kool-Aid.


This particular issue has most commonly come up for me in a classroom setting. I have found in a number of lessons I come to an understanding of the point of the lesson and then lose interest in actually carrying through with the task at hand. That is more or less the scenario that occurred with my current prompt. While I can see the purpose of sitting and describing what you see in detail I do not think that is a skill I am lacking when it comes to my writing.


The drive to participate in this workshop and even to post in this blog is about developing the habit of writing. I know I have mentioned some of these feelings in different posts, but I have spent so long trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself. I always come back to talking about writing, yet I never focus on the act. I keep convincing myself that I need to focus on more serious endeavors, which has led me from depressing job to depressing job.


So my focus has been on writing on a daily basis and more importantly committing myself to the idea of writing. I have to really throw myself into the pursuit of this passion of mine. I cannot ever be a writer if I do not write and I need to quit being afraid of pursuing my desire. So in other words I need to drink the Kool-Aid and allow myself to truly pursue writing.


On the other hand I am battling with myself in my head, because I am ignoring the prompt of this particular workshop today. If I am to commit myself to this pursuit why should I ignore this particular prompt. So far in the workshop I can see that there is a method to the madness so to speak. So basically, who am I to question the course of this is taking? Should I not give myself over to the process in order to gain the most from the transformative experience I am hoping this to be.


I suppose I deal with the issue by convincing myself that I am committing myself to the spirit of the workshop if not the specifics. I generally argue against resisting authority just for the sake of resistance. I feel it is important to realize that no matter how much I may know or think I know there are things I can still learn from others. So sometimes you just have to drink the Kool-Aid and see where it takes you.


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