My Last Heartache


Hey there folks!


So today the writing topic was yet another emotional roller coaster. The topic today was to write about my last heartache. While I understand that pain begets art, I am beginning to wonder if the people running this workshop would not be better served just coming to my home a ripping my still beating heart from my chest.


I found myself thinking about you the other day. In many ways life still seems very surreal since you left. I know we did not always see eye to eye on things, and God knows that we had some monumental fights. Yet, there was no way for me to prepare for the vacancy you left in my life.


So much of the time I have spent in your absence has been dedicated to getting past your memory. I worried about leaving the house back in North Carolina, because I know how much it meant to you. However, I think you would understand that there were just too many memories. We may have never had very much in common in regards to our interests and desires; but, I think I got a lot of my emotional strength and character from you.


While I do not know what you would think about the fact that I moved back to Ohio, I know you always wanted me to be happy. I am working at getting to know the family that I have lived apart from for so long. I glad for the opportunities I had while in NC, but I have felt really good since coming back to the Falls.


I suppose I am really writing you just to say thank you. I know I said it to you but I hope you really know just how much I appreciate everything you did for me. I have no doubt that my life as it currently exists is only possible because of the work you put in to make it so. I also want to apologize no matter how late it may be for taking you for granted. I should have done more to show my appreciation, after all we both know words can only go so far.


I hope you know that I will always love you, and I will miss you until the day that I can see you and Dad again.


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