A Day in the Life

Hey there folks!

I am back at it again and I really like the idea of sharing my writing prompts from this online workshop. It is a little different than my normal writing so I think it will be a nice diversion. Today’s prompt was to narrate a day in my life as if I was writing an autobiography. This was definitely a change in style for me but once the ball got rolling I had some fun with it and actually found it hard to stop.



Yet again, I found myself sitting at my computer desk, blankly staring out my window. I gently leaned back in the chair to feel the cooling energy coming through the glass as I lost myself in the falling snow.


I knew I should start writing but what the hell was I going to write? I mean, do I even have anything interesting to say? ‘You want to be a writer, so start writing’, I thought to myself as I turned my attention back to the screen in front of me. Caught up in my own struggle over writing I began idly searching through various social media sites, catching up with what friends and family were up to at the time.


As usual, I spent my time on social media sites criticizing people and how they use this technology. Guess what? No one cares about what you are having for dinner unless they are attending that dinner. Also, I understand you love your kid and I agree he/she is adorable but you do not need to share every photo you take because you are a bad photographer. That moment may have been priceless in the moment but all I see is a blurry image of a child that has what I am hoping is chocolate cake smeared all over their face, I am just not feeling it, sorry.


So far today looked like it was going to go down like most other days, meaning I was going to sit around the house in my pajama pants and not do much of anything. I suppose one of the perks of living alone is the fact that you can have days like this and not have to worry about anyone giving you any grief. However, for my own psychological well being sometimes I need someone to give me a swift kick in the ass to get me moving.


After admonishing myself for being kind of a dick I decided to log off of the computer for a bit and start playing some video games. After all, getting lost in a game for awhile usually helps free up the mind and get the creative juices flowing again. So I loaded up my favorite NBA game and continued down my path to becoming one of the greatest legends of all time. I was excited to play, because this was my first time playing since I installed the new sensor that received video and audio signal. So, now instead of just hitting a button I could say “pass me the ball”, or “take the shot”. I figure since I talk to the screen a lot anyway maybe this will be fun and make me seem a little less crazy. Moments later I am in the middle of a hotly contested game when I jump to block a shot and get called for goaltending. What!? Immediately I pull up the replay and the call is undeniably wrong. “That’s Bullshit”, I exclaim. Suddenly I hear the announcer in the game say, “well that was just a bad move there the last thing you need right now is to give your opponent a free shot”. Then I notice the flash indicating a technical foul has been committed for using foul language.


‘Excuse me, did my game just give me a technical foul for swearing in my living room?’ This is just great now I have to watch my mouth while playing a video game in the privacy of my own home. As I sat there contemplating how to take revenge on whoever it was that thought to add that feature into the game I heard my phone go off.


“Hey cousin have a big pot of chili over here”


It was a text message from my cousin Renee, “Is that an invitation or are you just sharing that piece of info?”


“Well both I guess”


Lord knows I could use a trip out of the house and I had certainly let the video game raise my blood pressure enough for one day, “Ok just give me a few and I will be over”.


“Ok I will start a pot of coffee”

coffee maker

Since moving back to my hometown a few months ago my cousin was one of the few people I had really reconnected with. Sure I have visited all the other family and seen them over the holidays, but my relationship with Renee is the only one that did not seem stunted by my 20 year absence. Despite all the things that have transpired in our lives it was like we never missed a beat, now we just had 20 years of stories to tell each other. The truth is we are more like siblings than cousins, and if it wasn’t for her I would hardly ever get out of the house.


So I made my way back to my bedroom to get changed into something more appropriate for venturing into the outside world. I threw on a new pair of jeans and a simple t shirt, over which I wore a pullover hoodie with my fraternity letters phi sigma pi all in the colors of the Carolina Panthers. One of the things I loved about being back up North is that it actually gets cold enough to make wearing layers comfortable, which is definitely is not the case in North Carolina.


Now that I had myself together I grabbed my coat and my knit cap and made my way out of my apartment and down to the car, a school bus yellow Chevy Camaro with dual white stripes down the center. Every time I walk up to the car it brings a smile to my face. I paid way too much for it, but this car was mom’s baby and I couldn’t let it go when she passed. Another great thing about being back is just how compact everything is around here. Five minutes later I am pulling up to my cousin’s house, in better weather I could have just walked but I do love driving that car.


As I walk in the door I find myself immersed in a sea of sensations. The smell of whatever seasonal aromatic wax Renee chose, undercut by the faint aroma of her current vaping mixture, which always smells kind of sickly sweet to me. I can hear the children in the dining room bickering with each other as I shout out, “Hello”. Just then I catch the scent of the chili intermingling with fresh coffee, and I am suddenly struck by the overwhelming feeling that I am home.


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