The Past Ten Years: A Letter to a Friend

Hey there folks!

So I have just started an online writing workshop to help me get into the habit of writing and being creative. This means that I am going to be writing something everyday for the next thirty days and I figured why not share it with all of you.

Today’s prompt was to write a letter to a younger version of myself talking about the last ten years of my life as if I am catching up with an old friend. So here goes:

movei theater me

Sometimes I cannot believe that 10 years have gone by, it seems like just yesterday that I was there with you.


What has happened since the last time we spoke? Well, Dad had just passed away; man, that was not easy to take in. It is kind of funny how you hear cliché phrases and they always seem so trite and kinda stupid, well that changes when you actually end up in the scenario they were meant for. I definitely did not understand what I had until it was gone, and the fact that it was taken so abruptly. Dad’s death really drove home the fact that you never know when the last time you are going to do something is, so it is important to make every moment count.


crazy meOne positive thing that came as a result of Dad’s death was it launched me back into school. I realized that I was just wasting time working at that pizza place and needed to do more with my life. I cannot even find the words to describe how great school was for me. For the first time in a very long time I felt like I was doing the right thing and where I needed to be in the universe. I got my degree in History, and I know Dad would have been very proud. Hell, remember how big a mess he was when I graduated high school. Unfortunately, my degree does not lead one to any kind of professional success. It was my original intention to pursue an advanced degree in medieval Japanese history but I was not diligent enough in my studies, particularly when it came to languages. Ultimately though, I now realize that what I truly wanted to do was write, so I am doing my best to survive and pursue writing as much as possible.


thinking meI have really been driven to this new goal because I lost mom about 6 months ago. She more or less died of the same thing that killed Dad. Luckily this time I was a little more prepared and purposeful so I don’t have that lingering doubt about my last interaction with her like I did him. However, she was taken just as abruptly. The hardest part of dealing with the loss of mom was learning about all of the things she never told me or my brother about. I wish I had been more available to her to help her, but I am not sure she would have let me help her, she was always stubborn like that.


After this loss I moved myself back into the Akron area to be near family. I was never truly happy in North Carolina and it held nothing else for me. I am currently going through the process of forging those bonds that fell by the wayside for the last 20 years. Most importantly I am forging a better bond with myself. I realize when looking back now how lost I was and something about being back here and being near family reawakened me. So I am actually pursuing this online writing workshop in order to make a more serious commitment to my writing. I know now that I have to pursue this passion. I would rather live as a failed writer than a successful business man.


There is no time like the present right?


2 thoughts on “The Past Ten Years: A Letter to a Friend

  1. Ahh! The C20 shirts! Wasted way too much time there, myself, but damn if it wasn’t fun and WAY easier than what I’m doing now. If I could have been paid the same as my current job, doing THAT work, I’d probably still be there, hindsight being 20/20 haha.


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