Family Matters


Hey there folks! I hope this finds you all well today.


Today, I feel like talking to you all about family. This is a topic very important to me and in American society family is the epicenter of a lot of discussion.


For those of you not in the know I am originally from Northeast Ohio. My family moved to North Carolina about 20 years ago. Outside of an approximately 3 year window from 19-22 I lived with my parents, up until the passing of my mother roughly six months ago. This prompted me to move back to Ohio which is where all of my extended family resides, most of whom I had not spoken to very often in the last twenty years. I say all of this only to point out that I am someone who places a great deal of importance on family.


However, with all of that being said there are a few issues as it pertains to family that have always kind of bothered me. Living in a society that tries to emphasize the importance of family we turn a very harsh eye on an adult living with family, especially parents. If you are over the age of, lets say 20 for the sake of argument, and you still live with your parents you are a worthless lay about with no goals. While I have certainly known people who fulfill this stereo-type I also take a certain amount of offense. During the roughly ten year period I lived as adult with my parents I consistently contributed to the household. In my father’s later years his medical issues made it hard to hold a job so I helped where I could for the family. Basically I chose to live with my family in a mutually beneficial arrangement to maintain a comfortable life as opposed to living on my own in far worse circumstances.


The truth of the matter is that life on your own is a struggle. One of the obvious things that can make things easier is to live in a household with others to help mitigate costs of living. So if family is so damn important why is it such a terrible thing to live with family members. Personally I would much rather do that than live with strangers off of Craig’s list or some such non sense.


I suppose I am not surprised to realize that people invoke things like family values when it serves their purposes to do so, but I refuse to become complacent to the hypocrisy. By our very nature people are pack animals, we are not meant to live alone. I would also like to point out right now that family is not just biological. I have friends I would call my brother that have no connection to me through blood, I have a cousin who is more like a sibling, and I have blood family that I will never speak with again. The point is we are communal by nature, so maybe instead of trying to drive wedges between everyone we should focus on taking care of one another.


Then again that is just my two cents, and that is what makes me the one and only Jason.


2 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. Totally agree man. I also spent a long period with my parents as an adult because other obligations (if you recall) had me unable to pay for my own place despite a decent paying job. And while you didn’t bring it up here (and I have a ton of your posts to catch up on so slow down! lol) I’d like to know what your experience of trying to date under those circumstances was like. Mine was pretty much (there was some) non-existant because as much as you describe the stereotype, the stigma becomes so much worse (I found) when your date begins to ask about your background and the like.

    Of course, I had (and still have) way more stacked against me than just that, but it sure as hell didn’t help haha (have to laugh, otherwise . . . )


  2. Yeah it definitely affected dating. Not that I am necessarily a ladies man but it is difficult to pick a woman up and say hey baby wanna go back to my moms house. Not to mention when I first moved back in I was in the spare room with all the random clutter and useless shit they had collected throughout the years. But even if they women i was talking to did not care about my living situation, it was still in my head and probably stopped me from putting myself out there as much as I would have liked.


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