The Proper Use of Tools


Hey there folks!


Back at it again. I don’t know I guess I am just in the zone lately, or maybe this is all my cousin’s fault since we have spent so much time talking I have a back log of ideas floating around my head. Either way let us take another trip together.


Actually the topic on my mind today comes straight from one of the conversations I have had with my cousin, and one of the more recent ones at that. I feel the need to set this up a little more not only to paint a better picture, but also to explain a little more about myself. While I am by no means a Christian I do very much believe in God, and the foundation of my religious and moral belief is grounded in Judeo-Christian thought. All of this is just a drawn out way to explain that I believe that everything that comes into your life does so for a reason, and this especially applies to people.


This viewpoint creates two problems that must be worked through on a case by case basis. The first of which is learning to recognize what purpose any particular item or person has come into your life to fill. In many ways this can relate to the conversation I had yesterday in so far as are you able to cut through the bullshit, particularly your own bullshit and see things as they are. I find that the best way to come to this determination is through balance because being overly optimistic can be as detrimental as be overly pessimistic. I realize at this time you are probably saying, “wait a minute weren’t you just talking about the importance of remaining positive the other day?”. To this point I would like to say that there is a marked difference between positive thinking and seeing the world as nothing but sunshine and rainbows.


The second issue is more difficult to remedy, and that is recognizing when any particular thing in your life has out lived its usefulness. This is particularly tricky when it comes to the people in your life because most of us are not sociopaths, so thinking of people as little more than tools is not natural. However, the truth of the matter is that some people in your life are the exact thing you need at one point in time and nothing but a problem at another. The ugly truth is that just because someone is meant to be in your life right now doesn’t mean they are supposed to be there forever.


As always these are just my thoughts and maybe I am just an asshole. What do you think? What I do know is that no matter what you think I am the one and only Jason.


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