The Perception Recalculation


Hey there folks!


I have been going through a lot of things lately as I have mentioned in recent posts. In the years I have kept this blog going I have apologized often about not staying consistent and all of that, which is still true. However, I am going to try and apply a lesson my father taught me many years ago and prove my commitment to that idea through action instead of words. (I know funny right considering this whole endeavor is about words)


So as I have been working through all the changes that have gone on in my own life I have been lucky enough to reconnect with an incredible cousin of mine and spend a lot of time talking about really whatever strikes us at the time. This has been an incredible experience for me because I have not really been around my cousin for more than 20 years. In many ways just being around my cousin takes me back to that child I was so long ago, but on the other hand it also makes me realize all the things I have become since then.


The one thing I want to talk about today is negativity and the importance I place on my mental approach to everything.


Because it is so cliché let me get it out in the open right away. I very much believe that what you send out into the universe is what the universe sends back to you. Many people have said this far better than me, so I will not linger on the idea but it informs all of my opinions on this issue.


The new realization for me in all of this is the thought that I am done with negativity and more importantly negative people. I came to the realization many years ago that perception defines reality and if I want good things in life I have to put good things out there, but I still spent a lot of time around people that were generally negative in how they approached life. However, as I get older I am growing increasingly tired of these people.


I realize I should take a moment to truly clarify the kind of people to which I am referring. I understand that bad things happen, especially to good people. Sometimes you just have a terrible day, but the important thing is not letting the bad occurrence control you. The importance is knowing when to let it go and move on with your life.


The person that has a bad day at work and comes home and decides to spread their misery to anyone around at the time. Even worse is the person who decides it is their mission to convince you that because a bad thing happened to them the universe is a shitty place and you should learn to embrace that by way of their example. These are the people I am done with. I hold them no ill will but they are just not pleasant to be around and I no longer have the energy to deal with their shit.


I choose to see the good in the people, places, and things around me; and I choose to not let my bad moods and experiences ruin the moods and experiences of others around me.


If my recent life events have taught me anything it is to appreciate the fleeting nature of the time we have in this life and I am done spending my time focusing on anything other than joy, love, and awe inspiring wonder around me. We all have bad days and we all need to vent sometimes, but at a certain point venting turns into bitching and I am tired of bitches.


Then again that is just my two cents, which is I guess what makes me the one and only Jason. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts, I always appreciate a good conversation.


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