State of the Jason ’13

Normally this is the part of my writing where I apologize for not writing more frequently and make promises to remedy that issue; however, at this point I want to get beyond all of that. The past is done and I cannot change it. What I can do is be right here right now and write.

This last year I broke a pattern I had developed of writing a reflection of the past year on my birthday and it has really been nagging at me. I sit here now roughly four months from turning 34 and feel that this would be as good a time as any to recap what has gone on in the last two years, give or take.

So in my last entry I was discussing my job as a restaurant manager which I left just over a year ago. It turns out that there is only so long one can work 70+ hours a week before things just start to fall apart. Instead of waiting for everything to hit bottom I jumped ship and looked for calmer waters. Much to my chagrin the calm waters were nowhere to be seen at that time. An extended job search ensued and really took a toll on me. For a time I tried selling cars but as it turns out, to no one’s surprise, I am not a natural salesman.

So after being fired from the dealership I started to get desperate for a cash flow of some kind. So on a lark I apply to work at a portrait studio and I end up landing the position. One small catch though; not only do I have no photographic experience in any way shape or form, but I must also sell the photos that I am taking. Despite there being no reason for me to believe that this will be a successful venture I head into training with a positive attitude and try to make the best of things. As I was filled with corporate training and methodologies I drank the kool-aid and threw myself into the endeavor. By this point in time I had run into such an issue with money that I lost my car; although, I was determined to not even let that bring me down. So I slaved away in the portrait studio during the holiday season and I must say that I never want to repeat that again. Unfortunately I was once again confronted by my lack of high pressure selling skill, so as things slowed down I was cut loose.

I had spent the last year floundering because I decided to leave a job that was breaking me down physically and emotionally. This time there was no waiting around. I hit the ground running and found a job working for Time Warner Cable in the customer care department, a position that my 15 years in the workforce and geek nature have primed me for. Even though it is a call center job and I have endless hours of listening to people bitch about paying their bill, their broken equipment and other such non sense I have a really good feeling about my current situation. Like I said I am a perfect fit for this job and after all I have been through to get here this will be a walk in the park.

Hopefully I am at a place where my job/cash flow problems are steady so as to allow me time to focus on some of the other things in life that I need to get straight. The one thing I know for sure is that I refuse to do anything but move forward. As I have said previously I refuse to allow the negativity of my past to hold me back. I will find the balance I need in my life and take advantage of the opportunities with which I am presented. It is time for me to take control of my success. I am here and ready. Who is with me?


One thought on “State of the Jason ’13

  1. I’m glad that your life is finding some balance again. I find myself in the same boat, wherein I’m seeking an endeavor that will keep my life steady for a good while. In time, I look forward to seeing you out-and-about more.


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