State of the Jason 2012

So it is that time of year again. I have made yet another trip around the sun, my 32nd such trip to be exact. Once again I will briefly discuss the state of things in my life for those who care to pay attention to such things.

In last year’s address I spoke of my promotion to Restaurant General Manager. I am still in the same store and in the same position, and so far outside of a bit of stress related to running a restaurant I am doing quite well. By most measurable standards I am meeting or exceeding expectations. The only real downside to things is the number of hours I am currently working in order to get my team together, but the plan is that all this work on the front end will pay off later once I have the right team in place and I can reclaim my life or some part of it back from my store.

Now that I think about it my life is more or less in much the same place I was a year ago. Still working the same job, still single, and still living with my family. I would like to fix the whole being single thing but I am not a terribly outgoing person and currently have very little time to find someone. I have finally relented and tried some online dating sites, but even there I have little to no success. I do my best to try and not over analyze the situation and just keep plugging away at work to keep busy. Honestly, as much as I complain about the long hours at work I have no idea what I would do with myself if I wasn’t working so much.

If I have one goal for myself it is to try and foster some new relationships with people outside of work. Right now I am spending about 70 hours a week at my store, so in the precious little time I do get to myself the last thing I want to do is be around people and things that remind me of work. Not to mention that it is usually bad news if the boss makes too many friends at work.

With all of that said I realize that I am fortunate to be in the position I am in even if it isn’t always pleasant and is often times exhausting. So here is to all of the people that have helped make me the man I am today and shared in my continuing journey. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “State of the Jason 2012

  1. I understand the feeling of stagnation, though I’m on the opposite side. I’ve been looking for a decent job off-and-on ever since I was graduated. Having time off is fun for the first week or so; after that, it’s just depressing. All I want is to work so I can feel more accomplished (and so I can pay rent). However, with luck and effort, you can dig yourself out of any rut. Having known you for as long as I have, I know that you are destined for great things.
    Also, I miss your face.


  2. Stick to it, man. Same boat over here, just add a kid that you don’t get to see enough . . . along with the recent death of a computer and breaking of a car . . . good times lol


  3. Jason,

    I have read your latest post and what I would like to say to you more than anything right now is how proud I am of you. I knew you were manager but a General Manager is a huge step and great honor. I think what you are doing right now is exactly what you should be doing. Relationships are important, as is time off away from work to have a life. But right now focusing on making your team great and building a strong foundation will no doubt yield all of the gifts that you seek for yourself in the future. I am so happy to have had the chance to reconnect with you recently and when you foundation is built and things slow down, I hope that we can hang out again like old times. I love you man, keep up the good work, and if you need anything I am right down the road.


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