Complacency and Goals

Wow! It has been quite some time since I sat down and tried to write anything. I could list a myriad of reasons as to why I haven’t written, but in the end none of them would suffice. It is my desire to become a published author and to do that I must write, period. Which brings me to the topic at hand today; goals, aspirations and life.

As I have grown older I have come to the opinion that attitude is absolutely important. The kind of energy we exude with our action or lack thereof is exactly what the universe surrounds us with in our life. If you understand the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy than you should get what I am saying. Since I believe attitude to be so important, I also believe that it is important to have goals and aspirations. Life is constantly in motion; thus, we must also stay in motion lest we are overtaken by the chaos of life. Goals serve to provide that motivation to keep moving towards something and help to combat the complacency that leads to stagnation. As long as one has goals to strive towards they remain an active participant in this journey we call life. On the other hand when one ceases to strive for achievement/improvement they become a spectator/pawn to be manipulated by energies outside of themselves.

My point is simple. The meaning we can ever know for sure in this life is the meaning that we create. If you never try to achieve anything, if you never strive towards something, if you never do anything; than what meaning does your life have? You may as well stay in bed. And if you have a goal, get out there and do something about it! Stating a desire and acting upon a desire are two very different things. Few if any people ever get what they truly want without working towards it.

The again that is just my two cents, and this is another random musing from the one and only Jason.


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