A Holiday Season PSA

There is a chill in the air, tv and radio fill the air with holiday carols and specials, and there can be no doubt we are in the middle of yet another holiday season. Like many others I love this time of year and one of my favorite activities is driving around local neighborhoods to view the garish displays of lights and decorations. Despite my love of these holiday light displays I have noticed some displays that can only be described as dangerous, not only for those brave souls who put the decorations up but more importantly for those of us driving by and enjoying the view.

I discovered one such display one my way home from work the other night that I have come to refer to as the seizure tree. On one particular road there sits a modest ranch style home that sits about 100 yards off of the road. In the front yard stand a tree that is roughly 8 or 9 feet tall. Within this tree are dozens if not hundreds of little clear Christmas lights, you know the kind that have no particular color aside from the yellow glow of the electricity through the bulbs. Normally this would be a perfectly lovely display, even if it is plain; but, all of these lights are blinkers that are set to an unusually high-speed. On top of this you can tell that the lights are compromised of several strands as they blink at different intervals and slightly different speeds. Hence, the overall all affect is a tree with many different lights blinking at fast and seemingly random intervals.

The chaotic nature of these rapid lights blinking can at the very least be described as jarring to anyone, but my main concern is that the display could be a serious problem for those suffering from epilepsy or any other similar problem. In repeated views I find I can hardly even look at the tree because it is unsettling. Normally I love the twinkling effect that blinking lights can create, but this particular display takes it to an all new level. Holiday light displays should be fun and festive, not neurotic and twitchy. Just another observation from the one and only Jason.


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