Just a thought…

The muse has once again struck and I feel compelled to write. I have been doing my thing lately and coming to grips with recent changes in my life. For the most part things are going well, and I am feeling more and more like myself as I fall into place.

Right now I want to talk about the idea of “finding” one’s self. We all know at least one person who has said, “I just need to, [insert action here], and find myself.” This idea is most commonly associated with youth coming into maturity, but is really applicable at any age. While this idea does hold some merit, I also believe that it can be misleading.

Before anyone can determine their stance on any issue they must first understand something about it. So in this sense we all need to find ourselves in order to figure out what we believe and where we stand. However, this is not the complicated part of the issue. Everyone has the ability to decide for themselves what they will and will not experience, and create a self defined bubble in which to live. The bigger problem arises in learning to accept ourselves for who we are, and this is where I find the idea to be misleading.

In a large degree, “finding” one’s self is not a process of discovery as much as it is a process of acceptance. All this takes is the ability to admit the truth about who you are as a person, warts and all. When you can see yourself for who and what you truly are then you have found yourself.

Just a little nugget to think about from the One and Only Jason.


4 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. Agreed… it took me a very long time to realize you were right about this… you’ve been preaching it for years in one aspect or another. We put on masks not only for other people but also for ourselves so we can hide our faults or whatever we may not like. I think the older you get the easier it is to accept yourself and realise that others should do the same… and if they don’t then fuck em!


  2. Finding oneself is like exploring the world. Everything is present; we just have to discover it.
    Keep writing, man. You have much wisdom to share.


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