Excuse me sir, there is too much cheese on my cheese pizza!

So at this point I feel it is quite obvious that I am going to struggle posting things on this at a regular basis, but since at this moment my readership consists of about 11 people give or take a few I do not feel too bad about it. Not to say that my readers are unimportant, but rather that those who read me are dedicated enough to do so regardless of the infrequency of my posting.

So for those who have followed me so far you know that I am working in the customer service sector once again at a pizza restaurant. As such I recently came across a funny customer story that I would like to share.

Recently I received a call from a lady who had ordered a pizza; she was unhappy with the excessive amount of cheese on her pizza and wanted something done about this. I listened attentively while she explained that she was not a big fan of cheese, so naturally the extra cheese on her pie was disheartening. So naturally I pulled up her order to see what she had originally wanted and much to my surprise it was a cheese pizza, no toppings just cheese. So to clarify I asked, “ma’am you ordered a cheese pizza and are upset because it had too much cheese?”. I quickly set aside the fact that she said she did not like cheese all that much and yet ordered a cheese pizza anyway, and I brought the issue to the attention of the manager on duty as I am still in training. As it turns out this lady had already eaten two slices of the pizza before calling in to complain and she wanted another pie sent out to her. Needless to say the end result did not work out in her favor as we tried to explain that a cheese pizza is supposed to have cheese on it and since her’s did there was not a mistake made on our part. We assured her that the pizza was made to spec in order to maintain our food costs; thus, we did not over cheese her cheese pizza.

I share this story not only because it is absurd that someone complain about a cheese pizza with too much cheese. Ask anyone who has worked in pizza before cheese is a high dollar item and people who cannot maintain food costs quickly find themselves unemployed. I also share this as a lesson in human behavior and social etiquette. This woman received exactly what she ordered, and then after eating some of it realized that she did not want a cheese pizza. However, instead of accepting the consequences of her decision and moving on with life she blamed us for putting too much cheese on the pizza. I am not trying to say that we never make mistakes on pizzas, because I am sure we have all had to deal with ordering something from a pizza place that got messed up for one reason or another. This woman was simply trying to pass the buck and felt that we should have to pay for her mistake. In the end we made what she asked us to make and we cannot be held responsible if she later decided that she did not want said pizza.

So the lesson is this. Before trying to put your shit on a service employee make sure it is not your own damn fault. It is easy to look down on those in the service industry, and lord knows there are some exceptionally incompetent people working in this field. But, that does not give you the right to expect us to pay for your changing moods and desires, we are people just like you trying to get through life the best way we can. No one makes you go out to eat, you could always make your own damn food. Remember we are not people you want to upset because we handle your food, piss us off at your own risk.


2 thoughts on “Excuse me sir, there is too much cheese on my cheese pizza!

  1. Ridiculous. Make sure to write down all the interesting stories you experience and you could have the next “Waiting” movie script on your hands.


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