My So Called Life

So it has been awhile and my blog has been neglected as of late. Pardon the nostalgic title but it seemed fitting since I loved the show back in the day and it has been life that has gotten in the way of my writing. Actually that is a very nice way of looking at things, another would be to say that life kicked me in junk.

You see I just started working as a shift manager at Pizza Hut about a week ago, this being the first job I could find since graduation. The problem is this is almost exactly the same job I quit five years ago when I decided to go to school and improve my life, the only real difference is I was working for Papa Johns, but in the end pizza is pizza. So basically I moved to a competitor and acquired a massive student loan debt that I must now pay off working a job that I could have had without any degree.

On top of this nearly everyone I knew before college is now out of my life because I was busy in college. Now nearly everyone I met in college is gone as well. Granted I did not expect that all the people I was associating with in school were true friends, the caliber of which would lead to life long bonds. However, I have to admit that I was hoping to have a few more than I seem to now. Thus, I am finding myself alone more and more lately which makes it that much harder to keep my spirits up.

But all is not lost. Luckily, because of my experience, I am rather good at my job so advancement is not out of the picture. I could make fairly acceptable money running my own store, although I would be working my ass off for it. Not to mention in this economy I am glad just to have a job and the ability to get my life on track. Even though it is cliché to say, things could be much worse.

Also, I am past the point in my life where I will sit back and be complacent with my surroundings. I did that for far too long, so I know that Pizza Hut will not be my final move. I have this writing thing that I really enjoy, although I am not sure where to go with it I am considering either journalism school or just writing a novel, or maybe both. The point is although I am a little late to the game at age 30 I am by no means past my prime yet and I will be making things happen one way or another.

Finally, although I feel alone at times I still do have great people in my life. I am developing the relationship with my brother now that our parents always wanted us to have, and I have no idea where I would be without my amazingly supportive mother. Despite the fact that things are changing, I still have a solid layer of bedrock to stand on.

Long story short, I am sorry that I have slacked off on this lately. Rest assured that I am gonna keep doing my thing and putting my voice out here on the inter webz. Thanks for reading this far and following my rambling mind in general. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “My So Called Life

  1. Though your present situation is similar to your past, I think that you’re making improvements since you are set on becoming more than what you are now. I’ve known you for a good bit and, all that time, I’ve known that you were destined for great things. Don’t let the misfortune of your so-called-life get you down.
    And you have more friends than you realize. If you are worried about us disappearing, don’t be; just reach out and we’ll be there.


    1. Thanks for the support. I realize that my isolation is at times self imposed and I am trying to work on that. Although sometimes it would be nice if some of those folks who consider me a friend reached out as well. Either way I know I have a small group of folks who care about me and I need to do more to let them know I appreciate them.


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