A Reasonable Faith

I have had a question that has been bugging me for quite some time. When is religion, or religious thought, going to catch up with the modern world? I mean the most prominent religions in the world today are at least 1000 years old or more. This means that these religions were antiquated during the “Enlightenment” of the 18th century here in the West. In our modern world knowledge and science have come so far as to make our so-called enlightened ancestors look like nothing more than superstitious rubes. I mean seriously what is the deal here?

Some might argue that the advancement of reason has made the human search for God irrelevant or illegitimate, but that strikes me as an arrogant and prejudiced answer. There are still a great number of things in this universe that we do not understand. No matter how far we have come we still battle with incurable diseases, environmental destruction, and renewable sources of energy. Also, thanks to the answers that science has given us, it seems perfectly reasonable to conceive of something far greater than myself existing as the initial cause of all of this. Is that idea not what began the scientific pursuit of knowledge to begin with?

Now I do agree that a lot of religious thought in the modern world seems to be mired in superstitious belief of ages past. However, in my mind at least this does not invalidate religious thought; it merely illustrates the need to bring these trains of thought into relevance for the modern world. God gave us all the capacity for reason; thus, we must assume we are meant to use it, otherwise what is the point.

In my studies of history and the modern world one thing that has been blatantly apparent is that people are as lost now as they have always been. We all still struggle with the same fundamental questions that humanity has been asking for millennia. Even though the questions are the same, the world we live in is not, and as brilliant as our forbearers may have been, they could not have conceived of the wonders of our modern age. Thus, it seems imperative that we children of the modern age step forward and revisit the wisdom of our ancestors in order to find answers that are relevant to our current conditions.


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