The Love Conundrum

So lately I have been going through some relationship/love issues, as I alluded to in That Thing Called Love. You see, for the last month or two I have been going through an on again off again kind of situation with my most recent flame. Currently I am looking at the smoldering ruins of my year and a half long relationship, and I can’t help but think of the movie The Mexican.

For those that remember the film stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, it is actually quite a good film especially as far as romantic comedies go. However, the reason the movie is running through my head is because of a particular scene that has resonated with me ever since. Without going into too much of the movie, a particular character asks a question of Julia Roberts character, and that question is what has been hanging with me recently.

When 2 people truly and deeply love each other, but just can’t seem to make it work; at what point do you say enough is enough and call it quits?

Now at first glance this question may seem strange. How can two people love each other and not make it work? However, anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship can attest to the fact that sometimes little insignificant things pile up as the months and years go by. Irrational fears, annoying habits, and nagging insecurities can be blow up into major issues that cause serious problems in a relationship. More or less this is what my recent romantic endeavors have been like. So when do you call it quits? Well, in my relationship that decision seems to have been made already; however, I still find myself agreeing with the answer presented in the movie.

You Don’t.

If you truly love someone then you stick it out with them regardless, because that is what love is. Things are not always going to be happy and romantic. Over time everyone can grow to become annoying. In the end, it is usually those annoying little things about someone that you miss the most when they are gone. As time passes it gets easier and easier to take things for granted; thus, the relationship can lose some of its luster. Relationships that are not meant to make it will not live through this stage. It may take a while, but they will tumble in on themselves.

Love is a fleeting commodity, and never a guarantee. This is why when you find someone you truly love you never let them go. You eventually realize that despite all of a person’s flaws, or even because of them, that the only thing that matters is being with them. So if you have that special someone in your life right now take a minute and count your blessings. Also, remember that anything in this life worth having is worth fighting for. Just a friendly reminder from the one and only Jason.


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