Immigration as American as Apple Pie

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am a very opinionated person, and once I have reached a particular level of comfort around you I will not hesitate to share my opinion on any given topic. Often times the topics that interest me most are also some of the most controversial. Things like politics and religion are favorites of mine to discuss, but can often times lead to uncomfortable situations depending on whom I am speaking to. Since I cannot always give voice to these opinions of mine in polite company, and I feel a compelling urge to release these thoughts I have picked here and now to do so.

The topic of the day is immigration.

Immigration has been a consistent issue throughout the history of America. Every single group of people who have come here were met with resistance, and struggled to hang on to their heritage if the face of “Americanization”. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Latin Americans currently deal with these same issues when coming to America.

Regardless of how completely un-original the discussion on immigration is, or perhaps because of it, I find myself continually infuriated by the sheer ignorance of people on the issue.

First off, we are all descended from immigrants! The only people who can claim any different are the full-blooded Native Americans. Our country was founded by immigrants who exploited the native population. So, why the hell are we so surprised that it continues to happen? This is the price of being the land of opportunity, everyone eventually wants a piece. The truth of the matter is that the poorest American is still better off than many other people throughout the world. As long as this continues to be true, people will keep coming here.

Secondly, aren’t we a “Christian” nation? When it comes to teaching creationism in schools or letting homosexuals get married, maintaining the Christian foundation of our country is imperative. However, when it comes to helping someone in need, like an immigrant our “Christian” values seem to quickly evaporate. Last I checked doesn’t God like it when you help out those in need? I am pretty sure Jesus likes it too. It is not like the people who come over here are leaving lives of wealth and extravagance just to leech off of our system. Despite all the shit they have to endure coming to America it is still better for many of them over here than wherever it is they came from.

Finally, let us discuss the myth that the immigrants, particularly the illegals, are going to take your job. The true crux of this problem rests in the companies that hire illegal immigrants to work in the first place. As long as companies can hire immigrant labor, which is unprotected by American law, for cheaper prices than their American counterparts this is not going to change. Big business has always been willing to exploit whomever they can in order to make a dollar and that is not going to change. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I am not advocating an open door policy or saying that we should not do anything about illegal immigration. I am merely suggesting that we need to find a rational and compassionate solution. These are human beings and each of them has as much to offer our society as any one of us. Building walls and kicking people out of the country, will not only fail; but, they are also infantile ideas and I need our lawmakers and leaders to step up their game a bit.


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